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Everyone's Guide To Reflexology.

A DVD by Isabelle Hutton, R.N., Nationally Certified Refleoxlogist

This Highly Recommended DVD is approximately 30 minutes in length and very informative. It is perfect not only for prospective and current Reflexology students but also for laypersons.

From the moment the interview with Isabelle begins, you will easily understand why she is so well respected in both the art and teachings of reflexology. After the interview, Isabelle is teaching the methodology of Reflexology. She gently guides you through the various techniques, explaining each detail as she works on one of her clients. With ease and expertise you may follow along with Isabelle, working on yourself or another person. After viewing this DVD, many have commented on how they have felt the healing power of Reflexology in their own bodies. Indeed, they are the recipient of an energetic, yet calming Reflexology session.

View a Brief Segment from Isabelle's DVD

DVD Price: $19.95

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