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Conscience Living vs Animal Time

What good is being a human when you can live like an animal? "Animal time." It seems like the ideal life that's primarily involved in foraging for food. Substitute the words money and sex for food and we are back at animal time. What's wrong with money food and sex? There is nothing wrong with with them, of course. They are all components of life and worthwhile pursuits. As humans however we have capacaties to experience lives in other dimensions. We can experience love, study and develop great ideas, appreciate the exquisite beauty of life, involve ourselves in creative projects, write wonderful poetry, and beyond.

Conscious time is human time. We can truly enoy the moments in our lives when we're no instinct-driven. However, look into the eyes of anyone who owns a mortgage, and wonders about their job. Many, many Americans feel this type of stress. Look into the eyes of someone who works in a stressful results-driven job, or look into the eyes of a clerk working behind the register at a fast-food store during lunch hour. Those are eyes of terror. Decades later; after paying the mortgage or even after McDonalds. Decades later how many of us experience these same emotions to some degree when we find ourselves in those environments. Is this how we are using our capacity for conscious living? Working on the mind is essential for most of us. Most types of mental work can fix, or adjust feelings of horror, etc. Working on the mind is much different than working on the muscles. It's basically easy to get up and go to the gym. After physical exercise, one has a sense of happiness, pleasure and self-confidence. This is normal, but why not work on the mind while you're at it?

Meditation has been a part of the process of self-transformation for thousands of years. To quote form one Hindu Mahatma, "Action, wisdom, devotion, and meditation are the keys to self-transformation." Physical activity should be mentioned in the statement, but they didn't know about endorphins or stairmasters. Today, all of these things are combined here for you to take advantage of. What are you waiting for? More info?

Meditation can give you the benefits of not living constantly with a sense of time and urgency. You will be able to get in touch with your sense of the eternal. And as a benefit, if you never know what time it is, you avoid aging. Thatís a wonderful side effect among many others, that studies have shown are good for the state of health of meditators.

Meditation has many other benefits that are not commonly mentioned in the realm of western, or allopathic meditation. Fortunately, anyone can read peer to peer reviewed and other case studies with the click of your mouse. Google Sholar has numeruous references about Meditation, and this this from the National Library of Medicine also displays numerous results.

From personal experience with several forms of meditation, you will be more aware of your authentic nature, have more energy and freedom, and find yourself happier and more loving. These things happen not because you meditate upon these desires and thoughts, but as the side of your meditation practice.

Carl Jung said "analysis is like having surgery without anesthesia." Well, my sense is that meditation and analysis can give the same result, but only if your phychologist/psychiatrist teaches you to meditate. There is another physician sited in several books who claims that "meditation is a painless way to self-exploration and discovery." Not to take anything away from the good doctor, but if you've experienced real pain in your life as most have, you will feel this very real pain when it surfaces during a form of meditation ("Pratyahara") where you look within yourself. There is a light at the end of that tunnel though as the pain will go away. A dedicated practice to this type of working from within will release your mental scars. It can be a wonderful feeling. It can also be done on your schedule, like maybe before you go to the gym.

Concentration. You have surely heard that this is a key factor that meditation focuses on and teaches. I feel that the "concentration" is simply another positive side-effect because meditation doesnít limit one but creates a greater awareness of life and creation. Read, meditate, and enhance your awareness of your life to become more mindful of the life around you.

Meditation for many is also a connection to our creatorís wisdom. Prayer and meditation are forms of the same thing and that is why the names and labels we place on our actions can be confusing to some. There are many forms of meditation. When we meditate and use it as a ladder to reach a level of creativity, we are becoming co-creators and are becoming aware of the wisdom of the source of creation.